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Note: Don't trust an email simply because it looks like it came from a trusted source. Thieves often disguise their emails to look like bank websites or online businesses. They use logos and graphics to look trustworthy. Links in emails may point to websites that are not "official," no matter how real they seem.

One way to avoid getting scammed is to ignore the link in the email and type in the webpage address directly. Also, don't submit any confidential information online. Citizens Bank of Edmond will NOT ask you to verify credit card numbers, social security numbers, checkbook numbers, etc. via email. If we did need to verify confidential information, we would ask you to visit one of our locations.

If you receive a phone call requesting confidential information, you should verify the identity of the person calling. Find the phone number in your phone book, and call the person back using a number you can trust.

Samples of possible Phishing/Pharming attempts:

A Phishing email link may open up the actual bank website, but open up a smaller window from another website. You may see the main window has the correct bank website, but the smaller window does not show the address. By seeing the two windows, a customer might feel confident about the website and enter their personal information into the second window - and leave themselves open to fraud.

Email may contain official logos, links to real websites, and even content that was copied from official websites. But you should be cautious - they may still be Phishing attempts. Be cautious of poor spelling or grammar. Don't trust links in an email; they may point to a different website than the address shown.

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